FOG-CHEK is a test card for monitoring the effectiveness of foggings. It permits aerosol particles from 5 to 30 microns in diameter to pass into the adult or larva area. FOG-CHEK cards can also be custom ordered to test the efficacy of older equipment generating 150 um particles.

FOG-CHEK cards prevent the escape of larvae, eggs and adults at the bottom while providing a relatively open mesh at the top for aerosol particles to pass into the insect holding chamber. The cards simulate the conditions under which confused flour beetles and other insects would have to be exterminated in any free-roaming environment. It correlates to results obtained in open dishes.

FOG-CHEK cards are easy to use. Simply bend the legs down at the score lines on each end and place the units under pallets, on overhead beams, in aisles, behind equipment or anywhere there is potential insect activity. Record the number of live insects before starting the fogging and record the results after the treatment areas have been cleared for human exposure. In many cases, one will want more extensive evaluations of the FOG-CHEK insects to establish the number of live, dead or moribund and the number that are able to revive several hours after the fogging. A recommended use and evaluation sheet is available free of charge.

Because aerosols do not diffuse and penetrate like fumigants, a more organized placement of FOG-CHEK units is required to establish the effectiveness of any fogging. Place FOG-CHEK units at varying distances and heights from the aerosol fogging source. FOG-CHEK cards can be used to check the entire volume of any space and define true fumigant efficacy. One can check results occasionally with live insects in open petri dishes containing a small amount of flour. Keep careful records.

Insect re-infestation problems are often due to inadequate fogging or fumigation efficacy. With these test cards you can solve problems quickly and accurately.

BUG-CHEK and FOG-CHEK are your best tools for efficacy testing in any Integrated Pest Management Program.