BUG-CHEK is an easy to use card that monitors the effectiveness of any fumigation. It is a sealed, non-metallic, disposable unit containing active live confused flour beetles (Tribolium confusum). Each BUG-CHEK card contains approximately 10 adults or larva carefully sealed against escape of eggs, larvae or adults.

The BUG-CHEK cards are designed with low dead volume to simulate actual mill conditions. They have a clear window through which results can be “read” without ever opening the card. BUG-CHEK is the safe alternative to old “leaky” wire mesh cages and plastic containers that correlate poorly to the effectiveness of an actual fumigation.

Simply record the number of live adults or larva in BUG-CHEK units when they arrive and place them in the areas to be fumigated. Choose typical milling, processing and warehouse locations including those areas that are hard to fumigate effectively – drafty window areas, dead air/low air exchange spaces, and even inside of closed pieces of equipment. Collect all of the BUG-CHEK units after the mill has been safely cleared of fumigant. Read and record the numbers of live vs. dead beetles or larva vs. the type of location that they monitored and then dispose of all BUG-CHEK cards outside of the mill area.

A minimum of 10 BUG-CHEK cards is recommended for simple area fumigations. More cards are needed if the building is divided into isolated work areas. If the building is sufficiently gas tight, the fumigant will diffuse and penetrate any small space in which the BUG-CHEK cards can be hidden.

Insect re-infestation problems are often due to inadequate fogging or fumigation efficacy. With these test cards you can solve problems quickly and accurately.

BUG-CHEK and FOG-CHEK are your best tools for efficacy testing in any Integrated Pest Management Program.