Rapid Quality Control Test Kits

Material Safety Data Sheet

SOY-CHEK is an aqueous-based, non-toxic enzymatic test solution. SOY-CHEK contains no toxic components nor any ingredients that require Material Safety Data Sheets.

SOY-CHEK spills may be wiped up with paper towels or tissues and surfaces, including skin, washed with soap and rinsed well with clean water. Eyes should be rinsed well with clean water or eye wash solution and if irritated, treated with any gentle, over-the-counter type eye rinse solution available from your local pharmacy.

SOY-CHEK spills, any remaining used or unused test solution and soybean feedstuff test material may be disposed of safely through any normal sewer or septic system.
All of the SOY-CHEK components are safe and biodegradable. Enzymes require conditions acceptable for cellular functions for reacting. Toxic chemicals are not useful for enzyme assays in intact tissues.

The information above is believed to be correct and to represent accurately the best available technical knowledge.

We assume no liability for the misuse of SOY-CHEK nor imply any additional warranty beyond its use as a rapid test solution for urease activity determinations.

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