Rapid Quality Control Test Kits

Material Safety Data Sheet

OAT-CHEK I is a lipase enzyme activity test kit containing reagent buffers and a proprietary chromogenic substrate solution. The buffers and substrate solution (an acetone mixture) contain no components that require Material Safety Data Sheets. The reagent concentrations are at physiological levels for the enzymes being tested. However, we urge you to use appropriate caution as you would with any other laboratory solvents and reagents.


OAT-CHEK I spills (including Color Reagent, Assay Buffer, or Reagent A mixture and any remaining old or spent solutions) may be wiped up with paper towels or tissues and surfaces, including skin, washed with detergent and rinsed well with water. Eyes should be rinsed immediately with clean water and, if irritated, treated with any gentle, over-the-counter-type eye rinse solution. Eye protection is recommended when using OAT-CHEK I solutions or any other laboratory reagents.

Any Color Reagent, Assay Buffer, or Reagent A mixtures and spent or inactive solutions may be disposed of safely through dilution via a normal septic system. Shelf-life of the reagents vary according to storage conditions and test kit reagent activity can be checked against raw oat groats that are lipase active. All OAT-CHEK I components are biodegradable.

The information above is believed to be correct and to represent accurately the best available technical knowledge.

We assume no liability for the misuse of OAT-CHEK I nor imply any additional warranty beyond its use as a rapid test solution for lipase activity determinations.

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