PROCHEK is a simple mini-test kit to measure By-Pass Protein (Undegradable Intake Protein, UIP) in roasted full-fat oilseed meals and, in combination with SOYCHEK, to determine the point of overcooking for roasted full-fat soybean meals for poultry, swine and other monogastric animals.

Proteins and enzymes act like tiny cellular fixed-point thermometers. They have distinct inactivation points for each temperature / moisture / time combination. Residual enzyme activity correlates to the amount of cooking achieved. One key enzyme in roasted full-fat oilseed meals inactivates in the same narrow temperature range as optimum By-Pass Protein or UIP generation. PROCHEK measures that activity compared to a color chart for a rapid, easy visual test without service lab or expensive protein testing.

PROCHEK is a self-contained field kit that measure by-pass protein or UIP potential of roasted full-fat soybean and cottonseed meals. The results correlate to both animal and lab by-pass protein tests. PROCHEK is not affected by gossypol or other protease inhibitors in oilseed meals that interfere with some enzyme based by-pass lab tests but steam or moist heat processes and non-uniform dry roasting invalidate PROCHEK tests.

PROCHEK can be used also to evaluate full-fat roasted soybeans after all the urease activity has been destroyed. For example, if SOYCHEK is negative but 100% of the soybean particles are PROCHEK active, then the soybeans are roasted correctly to that narrow line between under and overcooking. If SOYCHEK negative samples are less than 100% PR0-CHEK active, they are potentially overcooked for swine and poultry. Thus overcooking can be determined rapidly and at minimal cost.

PROCHEK uses a simple 5-point visual color scale that is so easy to read that anyone can test feed quality in less that 15 minutes! PROCHEK is very cost effective and you can carry your “testing lab” in your shirt pocket. Add PROCHEK to SOYCHEK for complete evaluation of roasted soybeans.

Click here to see the PROCHEK color scale.