Soybean processors, feed manufacturers, and livestock and poultry producers have long desired a rapid, reliable quality control test to replace the laboratory urease / pH rise determination for routine quality assurance.

Now there is SOYCHEK and testing can be done right at the point of sampling. You don’t need a laboratory or special equipment or even to carry the sample inside to your office. SOYCHEK uses a simple 6-point visual color scale that is so easy to read that anyone can test soybean feed quality anywhere ……. and it only takes 5 minutes!

SOYCHEK measures the same urease activity as does pH rise. It is a stabilized and accelerated reagent that is particularly sensitive between 0.05 and 0.20 pH rise units recommended for soybean feeds by the American Feed Industries Association. SOYCHEK will detect the very faintest urease activity in all natural cooked soybean feeds. With it you can fine-tune soyfeed quality to thatAdd New relatively narrow line between inadequate and excessive cooking that translates into maximum nutritional value and feed performance.

Cost of testing with SOYCHEK is minimal and you may select from three bottle sizes ranging from 8 oz (237 ml) to one gallon (3.785 L) for the one best suited to your feeding or manufacturing operation. Only about 7 ml of SOYCHEK are needed per test resulting in an average per test cost of less than a dollar.

8 oz (237 mL) SOYCHEK = will perform 25-35 tests
16 oz (473 mL) SOYCHEK = will perform 50-70 tests
1 Gallon (3.785 L) SOYCHEK = will perform over 500 tests!
A small covered reaction dish is included with each bottle.
Individual Sales Only.

ALSO – see how SOYCHEK can be used in conjunction with PROCHEK to determine by-pass protein in roasted soy products.