Bug Bullet Kits

Unlike many other termite species, drywood termites do not need contact with the soil to survive; as their name suggests they live merely in dry wood. This termite species can endure dry conditions for long periods of time. The drywood termite receives all of the moisture it needs from the wood it consumes. They are usually found in dry warmer climates that do not reach freezing temperatures in the winter.

Drywood termites commonly target the wood in a home’s structural beams, framing, furniture and hardwood flooring. Wood consumed by drywood termites appears very clean and smooth.

Drywood termites can infest several different areas of your home, forming separate colonies in your basement, attic or porch.

Bug Bullet Fumigation Kit: $146.00 OR $8.00 per Bullet w/ 10 Bullet Minimum Order

(Replacement kits are sold for $64.00 each and include the 10 Time Release Cloths and 4 oz of Wood Putty)

  • 10 Bullets
  • 10 Time Release Cloths
  • 4oz Wood of Putty


Bug Bullet Kit Instructions